Book Review: Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas

My breasts are making me a mockery of a sham.  They are like two sticky-out beacons attracting all the sadsacks in the universe.

Knocked Out by My Nunga-NungasAfter reading two books about World War II, I decided I needed something silly and fun to read, so when I saw Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas, the third book in the Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison, at the library I picked it up.  I’ll admit that I read the first two books years ago but got annoyed by Georgia and never bothered to read any of the others.  But my daughter and I watched Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging the other weekend, and it definitely charmed me, so I decided to give book three a try.

What I Liked

– As a friend of mine pointed out, the voice is pitch perfect.  Georgia sounds exactly like a teenager who is concerned with teenager things.  By which I mean, authentic teen voice without the hint of Trying Too Hard.  Plus, since I saw the movie, I heard movie Georgia narrating it and that made it even more fun.

– Lots and lots of funny moments.

– I like all of the parts with her little sister doing toddlery things.  Because why do they need to bring every toy they own along wherever they go?  Also, those parts are always kind of sweet.

– I like that the book is just for fun.  Because sometimes you need that.  From Louise Rennison’s site:

I wrote the book to make myself laugh. I always wrote what I remembered making me laugh when I was that age. I didn’t attempt to teach.

– I liked the direction the book takes with Robbie (aka the Sex God).

– I loved Georgia comparing herself to a red-bottomed baboon.  All of those bits made me laugh.

What I Didn’t Like

– The reason I stopped reading after the second book is that Georgia started to annoy me.  A lot.  That did not change with this book.  She is really annoying in this one as well.  There is self-absorbed and silly, which is fine, but Georgia really pushes the line for me.

– Georgia is still mean to Jas.  But.  I figured out that they are both equally self-absorbed, so Jas was probably thinking the same mean things about Georgia, so that made it better.  Also, best friends can be infuriating.

– At the beginning of the book, Georgia gets groped by this guy.  When she calls Jas to complain, Jas basically accuses Georgia of doing something to make the boy grope her.  Not only that, but she says the equivalent of “No one was there but you and this has happened before.  Are you sure you’re not doing something to make boys grope you?”   And Georgia is mad about it, but briefly and it totally goes unchecked/unargued.  THAT IS IRRESPONSIBLE.  And I don’t care if Rennison wants to teach or not, accusing a girl of “asking for it” without challenging it is NOT ON.  Oh, it made me so mad.

– I think, after reading Anne Frank and Summer of My German Soldier, that Georgia was a mite too shallow.

In conclusion:  I should’ve read something by Meg Cabot instead.

YA challenge:  6/75