Audiobook Review: Charmed Life

“You must have made a mistake,” Cat said distractedly. “I didn’t drown because I was holding on to Gwendolen, and she’s a witch.”

Oh, Diana Wynne Jones, how are you so awesome? First, she comes up with this completely dense mythology and fully-realized setting; then, she  couples it with intriguing–albeit some extremely unlikable–characters; and then, she weaves this tale of such incredible, unpredictable fancy. I WANT TO BE GREAT LIKE HER.

There was nothing predictable about Charmed Life. Even the stuff my daughter and I thought we had figured out (we listened to it together), we got wrong. It is kind of amazing.

Also, it continues to be true that Diana Wynne Jones and Gerard Doyle are perfectly matched. His line readings + her text = fantastic entertainment.

We’re totally seeking out the next audiobook in the series, The Lives of Christopher Chant.

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