Happy Haul-idays!

Chronicle Books is having a contest, and the terms are pretty simple. List up to $500 worth of books that I want? Don’t mind if I do!

Books that I Would Give to Others, specifically my daughter:

  • The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Junior Edition Box Set by David Borgenicht
  • The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Middle School by David Borgenicht
  • Just Between Us by Meredith & Sofie Jacobs
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls by The Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls
  • How to Raise Your Parents by Sarah O’Leary Burningham
  • The Kid Who Named Pluto by Marc McCutcheon
  • L Is for Lollygag: Quirky Words for a Clever Tongue (2 copies!)

Books I Want for Meeeee:

  • Fast Fresh & Green by Susie Middleton
  • Apartment Therapy Presents by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan
  • What’s Your Poo Telling You by Josh Richman and Anish Sheth
  • Office Yoga by Darrin Zeer
  • Wonder Woman Journal (2 copies!)
  • Between the Bridge and the River by Craig Ferguson
  • Disneystrology by Lisa Finander
  • Michael Jackson: Before He Was King by Todd Gray (2 copies!)

5 thoughts on “Happy Haul-idays!

  1. Oh, love your list. Good luck to the both of us!

    And thank you to Chronicle Books.

    jcamp2020 at aol dot com

    glad to see that you picked up something for JUST YOU! love it!


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