Picture Book Review: Go the F*ck to Sleep

I know you’re not thirsty. That’s bullshit. Stop lying. Lie the fuck down, my darling, and sleep.

I am sure you have heard of Go the Fuck to Sleep written by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Ricardo Cortés, My library actually had a copy of this book, so I had to read it. I had to.

Don’t worry, the book is not for kids. It is strictly written for adults, any adult who has a kid that won’t just go to sleep already. And, yeah, all the love in the world doesn’t keep parents from secretly cursing their children who won’t go to sleep.

The illustrations are great. All these scenes of nighttime tranquility and an awake kid just right there ruining it all.

Let me put it this way: my daughter is thirteen and I can STILL relate to this book.

So much fun. So, so much fun. A book for parents to read while they wait for their kids to go to sleep. Brilliant.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard it already: Samuel L. Jackson reads the book. And talks about why the book speaks to him. Ha!

Source: Library


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