Book Review: Graffiti Moon

“Humor without sadness is just a pie in the face.”

Graffiti Moon by Cath Crowley is a delightful book. The action all takes place in one night as Lucy Dervish searches for Shadow, the graffiti artist who is right under her nose.

The characters in this book are so ace as are the conflicts between them. Although the POV shifts between Lucy and Ed, everything going on with Jazz, Leo, Daisy, and Dylan is well-developed. I love the complicated relationship Lucy’s parents have and even the information we find out about Bert and his wife.

I also dig that the book is a love letter to at least three art forms: poetry, glass blowing, and graffiti.

Another major plus in this book’s favor is that I would be totally down to read about this night from Jazz & Leo’s points of view or Dylan & Daisy’s. Okay, maybe not Dylan and Daisy’s, but definitely Jazz & Leo’s. I mean, yes, I do know a little about what Jazz & Leo’s night was like because of the brief bits of poetry included, but…yeah. I would totally read their story as well even though I know how it turns out.

While the book is a romance, I really like that Ed and Lucy are really striking up a friendship and being open with each other in interesting ways. Man, night time is the right time, yeah? Nothing like that cocoon of darkness to make people honest.

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