Book Review: Cinder

It was not her fault she was cyborg.

She would not apologize.

Cinder by Marissa MeyerCinder by Marissa Meyer is a sci-fi retelling of the Cinderella tale with Cinder, the main character, cast as a cyborg who works as a mechanic in the futuristic New Beijing.

There is a lot to like about this book! Great characters, excellent setting, nice pacing. Also, Meyer nicely (and unexpectedly in some cases) weaves in the classic Cinderella tropes: the pumpkin, glass slipper, evil steps, etc.

I just wish I had more to say about it.

My favorite thing is probably how well drawn the step-family is. They’re not flat villains–nor the real villains in the story. Though, they do not take up a huge part of the narrative, I found that both stepsisters and the stepmother were well-drawn, even sympathetic in some instances.

My least favorite thing is that I saw alllll of the plot twists coming. Every single one of them. Except, maybe, the motivations of Dr. Erland.

As usual, I say that with the caveat that I am a fairly sophisticated reader with lots and lots of book reading and soap opera watching under my belt. My daughter probably would not have the same reaction.

Speaking of which, she would probably like this book a lot.

Anyway, I’m rambling now. Fun, fast read. Great characters. If you love sci-fi, you will probably love this book. I’m not a huge sci-fi fan and liked it.

Also, I think Meyer hinted at a Rapunzel story? At least I read the introduction of that one character (no spoilers!) as Rapunzel. I know the next book in the series is Red Riding Hood (Scarlet), so I’d be interested to see where the stories go.

I guess that means I might check out the next book. So there you go.

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