Top Ten Bookish Things I Want (Image Heavy)

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is basically asking me to share my Pinterest with you. I wasn’t going to do this one at first, but, well, my birthday IS coming up soon. So, you know.

1. Thumb Thing / Book Weight



2. Laptop case / Kindle cover



3. All the posters. Every one.


4. Necklace, necklace, bracelet, ring, ring.


5. Coasters


6. Leggings? Yes, if they feature Shakespeare.


7. Library card catalog. Library should also be included.


8. Polly. This will keep going on every wishlist I have until I get it.

9. This cake (or its equivalent), if I ever get married. Or for my next milestone birthday. I’m looking at you, 40.


10. Plates because I am a grown-up now.


Also, please note that this list is nowhere near exhaustive. That’s what Pinterest is for, bless its heart.

4 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish Things I Want (Image Heavy)

  1. I did the same thing – jumped on my Pinterest account. I actually refinished a card catalog this past winter. I love it very much. It’s sort of impractical, but it’s awesome.


  2. I want an awesome cover for my Nook too. Gelaskins have some amazing art. I didn’t know about the posters! I hope someone splurge and give you everything you want for your birthday! 😉


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