Fave Book Covers of 2014

Another day, another Month of Favorites post! Here are my ten favorite book covers of books I read this year.

Top 10 Book Covers of 2014

And, yes, I put The Great Greene Heist on there twice. I love both versions of the cover so much that I couldn’t choose between them.

Also, I’ll be honest: I didn’t love the Charm & Strange cover that much until I read the story. I don’t find it particularly striking, but it fits the story so well that I had to include it.

I was going to pick an absolute fave, but I just can’t. Although I’d probably have to declare a tie between These Broken Stars and Grave Mercy. Those dresses! That crossbow! Ugh, but I love so much about the other ones, too.

So yes. No absolute fave. Just a whole lot of pretty/striking/awesome.

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