I Got 99 Problems, but a Book Ain’t One

Or Top Ten Five Book Problems I have. Which is today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic.

And, yes, I know a million people have probably already made the “99 Problems” joke, but IT FITS.

These are legit problems I am having right now, btw.

1. My (public) library won’t let me do an interlibrary loan for the first edition (1972) of The Dragon’s Wife by Walter Dean Myers.

Because they have the later edition (1995) in circulation! However, I want to see the original illustrations. I know this means I just have to go through my job’s library, but still. Why won’t the public library let me be great?

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Recommendation Wednesday: Two Picture Books

As part of my passion project, I’ve recently finished (and loved) two of Walter Dean Myers’ early picture books: Where Does the Day Go? (illustrated by Leo Carty) and Fly, Jimmy, Fly! (illustrated by Moneta Barnett).

cover image from Amazon

Where Does the Day Go? is delightful. A group of kids are in the park with one of the children’s father, and they have a pretty serious conversation about what happens to the day when it turns into night. Each kid has a theory, but each theory leaves the group with questions. So they take turns telling their theories and trying to answer the questions.

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