Housecleaning: Bloggiesta-style

Bloggiesta-S15I am super behind on everything (and by everything, I mean grading, of course). Still and all, I am going to try to carve out some time to do stuff around my blog for Bloggiesta. I’m digging the fact that it’s a week this time, so I can really do 15-30 minutes a day on some stuff.

My to-do list:

1. Import reviews from old blog — I forgot I had started a blog over at blogspot when I jumped into book blogging and was trying to figure out where I wanted to hang my hat. As such, I want to get those posts/reviews over here so everything is all in one place.

2. Make a button for roundup posts — for visual interest, you know.

3. Header — I want a header! I need to find the original pic I use for my gravatar and turn it into a header. Or find someone to do it for me. I know what I want it to say and how I want it to look, so I’m practically halfway done.

4. Make posts/pages for 2015 challenges — Right now, I have my 2015 challenge listed on my goals page, but it’s too long and cluttered, and it makes me insane. So I want to either create a page/post for each individual challenge or make a page/post just for the challenges. Probably the latter since it’s less work.

5. Collectible quotes w/graphic — I really want to start sharing book quotes I collect, so I want to schedule a few of those and possibly make a graphic.

6.  Write a blog post or two — self-explanatory

7. I also will look through the mini-challenges and see if any catch my eye.

It’ll be interesting to see if I get ANYthing done, considering how so very behind on grading I am right now.

Good luck to everyone else participating!

7 thoughts on “Housecleaning: Bloggiesta-style

  1. I love the book quotes idea! Seeing a quote from specific books has gotten me to read some great stuff when I wouldn’t have otherwise. Good luck on your goals 🙂


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