This is a Meg Cabot appreciation post!

Meg Cabot is the bomb. There’s just no way around it. I don’t like to pick favorite authors, but if I had to pick one, she’d definitely be at the top of my list. Why? Well, here are five reasons* I totally dig Meg Cabot.

*Technically, there are more than five reasons.

1. Her books are funny.

There’s no way around it. Her books always make me laugh. Always. Sometimes, they make me laugh, and I’m not even aware of it. For example, one time I was sitting in the waiting room at the dentist, and the woman next to me asked what I was reading “because you have been smiling and laughing the whole time!” I believe I was reading Big Boned at the time.

2. My #1 book boyfriend, book girlfriend, and book best friend are all from her books.

Michael Moscovitz, Vivica the Supermodel, and Tina Hakim Baba, respectively.

3. She tackles serious subjects with humor and grace.

The two books I’m thinking of specifically are Size 12 and Ready to Rock and Missing You. Size 12 and Ready to Rock deals with domestic violence and its aftermath, while Missing You covers PTSD and sexual predators. The seriousness of these subjects is never made light of; however, she seamlessly blends these topics into her stories.

4. She features a diverse cast of characters.

When’s the last time you read a book series with an albino character?

5. Her books are the ultimate comfort reads.

If anyone asks me for a light and fun read, I always recommend a Meg Cabot book first. When my daughter had mono, she asked me to read The Princess Diaries to her, and it made her giggle and feel better. This past week and a half, I was lamenting that Royal Wedding isn’t out yet because I JUST WANTED SOMETHING LIGHT TO READ.

The best thing about Meg Cabot books is that there are so many to choose from. She has written about a kabillion books (I have read 52 of them) across many genres and for different age groups. Romance (contemporary and historical), fantasy, science fiction: all of them. She has books for teens, early readers, adults, middle grade. Want some manga? She’s got it covered!

Oh gosh, and I didn’t even talk about her awesome female characters or female friendships. But those are there, too.

Basically, Meg Cabot is awesome. If you haven’t read any of her stuff, I highly recommend checking some of it out. Bonus: her blog and YouTube channel are great, too.

If you need even more reasons to celebrate Meg Cabot/give Meg Cabot a try, check out Meg-A Readers over at The Romance Bookie.!

5 thoughts on “This is a Meg Cabot appreciation post!

  1. Ahh, I love this post. Feel like I’m back in highschool again – that’s when my love for Cabot was most overflowing. It’s kind of cooled down since then, but I still love her. Man, Jesse from The Mediator series was MY guy – though Michael was totally hot, too. (Mia just kind of got on my nerves tho, so I didn’t re-read Princess Diaries a million times like I did with The Mediator.)

    It’s definitely impressive that her work spans all these different genres and age brackets – if only I could be her *_*


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