August 2015 in Review

Apparently, I was wrong about July being my slow month. August was the slowest. I only read three books in August. Three. Three! And I only reviewed two. (Where the Mountain Meets the Moon is from July.)

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The other book I read was Screenplay by Syd Field, which was a reread. Coming off the reading deprivation and then moving into course prep for the fall didn’t leave me with a real interest in reading, alas.

September is not looking any better so far, to be honest. I haven’t really found a book that I can get into yet. I’m sure that once I do, I’ll pick up the pace and explode my reading goal. (Goodreads says I have met it, but I know that’s inaccurate since you have to shelve a book in order to mark it as unfinished, which is just dumb, but whatever.)

So here’s hoping I get a reading block busting book soon.