Welcome to Metropolis High!

I generally enjoyed this book, but I have to say I hated every single thing that had to do with Clark/Superman. WHY IS HE THERE? This is a prequel about Lois. And here’s the thing: Lois is a badass. She is a great character in her own right. She doesn’t need Clark to make her interesting or make her story worth telling.

I don’t hate the fact that an army brat who has traveled around a bunch has an online best friend. I don’t even mind that she maybe thinks she’s digging on the guy. That is all fine. In fact, it’s believable. But having it be Clark makes this more of a Superman prequel than a Lois from Superman prequel, and Lois is an interesting character in her own right.

She deserves better is all I’m saying.

Also: interesting characters, nice job setting up the world, etc. It was all fine. Except for stupid Clark being there. Oh and the school colors being red and blue. I know it’s a nod to Superman’s costume, but still. Can you imagine how hideous the team uniforms are? Gross.

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