Favorite Reads of 2015 (So Far)

Today’s A Month of Favorites topic is Top Ten Favorite Reads of 2015. There are still two days left in the year, so I feel like this may be too early, but! It is close enough to the end that it’s not weird. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I may not finish another book before the year is over. SO! These are the books I gave five stars on Goodreads. Click here if you can’t see them that well. That’ll take you directly to the list on Goodreads. Also: there are TWELVE.

5 stars, part 1

5 stars, part 2

That’s a pretty good mix of fiction, nonfiction, picture books, kiddie lit, middle grade, YA, and adult. I don’t think it usually works out that way.

3 thoughts on “Favorite Reads of 2015 (So Far)

    1. No, I know exactly what you mean. So many books just aren’t on my radar but at the same time I feel like they totally should be. I should know about all the books!


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