2016 Goals

hosted by The Broke and the Bookish
hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

So I psyched myself out of blogging by saying I was going to keep it no pressure and then managed to put a bunch of pressure on myself. It’s just how I roll I guess. So, goals for this year:

1. No pressure blogging. I am requiring my students to post once a week, so I’m going to do that as well. However, I think regular reviews aren’t it for me unless I’m feeling really inspired. To that end, I’m going to keep up with It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? (because I’ve gotten great recs from it, and I like the round up nature of it) and then I’ll blog in whatever capacity I see fit after that. It’s the only way, really.

2. Expand my reading horizons. And by that I mean branch out in my reading choices. I’m not going to stop reading YA, so that means I need to seek out more adult fiction

3. Blog about teaching. I haven’t done that, and I have a lot to say! For example, I did a really cool assignment using Mulan in my summer classes, I completely redid my creative writing class this past semester, and I’m trying something new with my blogging assignments. I want to blog about them! But I haven’t. So I need to make that a priority.

I have also decided to sign up for two reading challenges this year:

The Englishist


Since I did so well reading books by and about people of color last year (47!), I’m going to push myself even more. For this year, I’m still doing the fifth shelf (25+ books), but I’m going to make all of those books BY people of color. I do not read enough authors of color, so I want to change that. I will link up any books I read that are about POC, but as far as counting for my individual challenge, I want to focus on authors.

I also want 50% or more of my final reads to be by or about POC. Last year I was at 45% so I know I can top that.

Book Riot


I have also drunk the Kool-Aid and am doing Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge. My goal for this one is to have all of my books be by or about people of color except for (1) the horror category because I’m a wimp and will be reading Christopher Pike and for (2) the religion category because I’m all about Leah Remini’s memoir.