G is for The Grinder

So my daughter and I watch The Grinder together, and we love it. Partly because my daughter relates to Dean on a cellular level because he is so dramatic and over the top (SO DRAMATIC and SO OVER THE TOP), but also because it’s about these two brothers who love each other an insane amount.

Look at them! They are adorable!
Look at them! They are adorable!

I mean, it’s really sweet.

The show is also super-meta and always commenting on itself. How could it not when most episodes start with the family watching Dean’s show? Here is a clip of them doing the meta thing:


That comment at the end! Aw, we love you, Stewart, and we love watching a show about you.

Anyway, the ratings for this show suck, and I am terrified it’s going to get canceled just like Enlisted (another awesome show with heart about brothers) and then I will have no more Dean and Stewart being over the top and ridiculous.

So, yes. The Grinder is pretty good. You should check it out before it goes away forever. (I hope it doesn’t go away forever.)


A to Z 2016


For the A to Z challenge, I’ll be blogging about fannish pursuits (aka things I’m a fan of or have strong feelings about). Tune in tomorrow to see what I picked for H!