N is for The New Adventures of Old Christine

So I discovered The New Adventures of Old Christine when it was airing in syndication a couple of years ago. I instantly fell in love. This show is AMAZING. Fun premise, excellent characters, and lots of solid humor.

Christine is legit a hot mess. Observe:



I LOVE HER. I will never ever be upset if Julia Louis-Dreyfus wins all the awards in all the world because she is flawless.

Also? This show was my introduction to Clark Gregg. You know, Agent Coulson from the Marvel movies and TV show. It’s so weird seeing Richard as an operative. But whatever works.

So here is a clip of Christine being extra Christine after she hits her son Ritchie with her car.


She is a miracle.


A to Z 2016

For the A to Z challenge, I’m blogging about fannish pursuits (aka things I’m a fan of or have strong feelings about). Tune in Monday to see what I picked for O!

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