#SmashYourStack: Reading My Own Books for the rest of May

I know I’m past the halfway point of the month, but I have decided to participate in the Smash Your Stack challenge, which encourages readers to read their own books in May.

Smash Your Stack

I’m moving this summer. Moving = packing boxes. Packing boxes means figuring out which books make the cut. I have a ton of books that I bought from the library book sale that I want to read so I can re-donate. I also have some books that I have been gifted that I haven’t ever read. Now is the time to read them all, so I can scale back and not lug books up and down stairs that I have no interest in rereading.

So! I’m checking in all of my library books today or tomorrow so I can concentrate on the books I already own.

It’s hard work, reading all of these books, but somebody has to do it.

Happy reading, everyone!