5 Popular Books Worth the Hype

So if you have ever read a post on this blog, you will know that I can complicate anything–even something as simple as picking five popular books worth the hype for a month of faves. Because, you know, what constitutes popular? And hype? Is it number of ratings? I mean, what?

A Month of Faves

I mean, really, it’s not that difficult. What are some books I’ve heard a lot about that were actually as good as people said? STOP MAKING EVERYTHING COMPLICATED, AKILAH.

So without further ado:

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Diversity on the Shelf Link Up: December 2016

Link up your December reviews here! I’m going to post a separate linky for wrap-up posts/the giveaway around the middle of the month, so watch this space.

It’s almost over, y’all. We made it to the end. I hope everyone is happy with the progress they’ve made with the challenge.

Just a reminder that I will not be hosting the challenge next year, so if someone else is interested in taking over or hosting it themselves, please feel free. And if you haven’t already, please check out the Dumbledore’s Army Readathon taking place in January.

As for this month’s reads, please encourage each other by clicking on links and reading and commenting on reviews! It’s not required, but it is nice. It’s also a great way to build up a community of readers committed to reading diversely.

Diversity on the Shelf 2016

Link up your reviews below. If you don’t have a book blog, but have Goodreads or Library Thing, etc., you may use that to participate and post your links to your reviews. Get more details about the challenge here.