Diversity on the Shelf 2016: Wrap Up Post & Link-Up

How did everyone do on the challenge? Did you meet or exceed your goal? Did you get really, really close?

Diversity on the Shelf 2016

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My 2016 Christmas Wish List

On my LiveJournal, I would post my Christmas wish list every year. I was considering doing the same here this year but frivolity has kind of gone by the wayside as I dealt with the aftermath of the election (and the end of my wacky semester). But then Morgan’s superfun post (which is a Top Ten Tuesday post!) reminded me not to let those jokers steal my joy, and I had fun thinking about what I wish I could get for Christmas. (And these are all firmly wishes because I don’t expect to get any of them for actual Christmas.) Also, it was always fun to look back on my lists from the previous years and see what things I did acquire–whether it was for Christmas or no.

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