“I was a professional amateur DJ.”

I’m supposed to be writing up my yearly self-evaluation, so now seems as good time as any to write a blog post.


So dumb. So cute. (via)
So dumb. So cute. (via)


1. I continue to be in love with The Good Place. Jason Mendoza is the dumbest person alive (well, dead), and I may love him for it. Also, he died in the most Florida Man way possible. I mean, seriously. I can see the headline (highlight to read because spoilers): Florida Man Suffocates to Death in Failed Robbery Attempt. I laughed, but also: Jason. Seriously.

So much props to the writers/music people for using *NSYNC’s “Digital Get Down” at the end of the previous episode, btw. Perfection.


Swing Time by Zadie Smith


2. I abandoned Swing Time by Zadie Smith for the time being. It was just taking too long to get going. I did, however, put the audiobook on hold because I think the narrative might be better suited to that form for me. I am interested. It’s just not keeping my attention.


Giant Days, Vol. 2 by John Allison


3. I just started Giant Days by John Allison after trying–and failing–to get into Black Panther (yes, the Ta-Nehisi Coates one). I am also having trouble gaining traction on any novels, so a graphic one seems like the best way to go. Anyway, Giant Days does what I love: regular teens/young adults doing regular things. It’s also told in episodic vignettes, which is a thing I dig.


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen


4. My daughter has been after me to read Water for Elephants since last year (so dramatic! Last year = November). So that’s currently all up in my eardrums (translation: audiobook). No surprises here but I totally prefer old Jake to young Jake. What can I say? Old people and teenagers are my favorites.

5. Oh, so this is a thing that has happened: I checked out this book from the library, lost it, found it, and promptly lost it again. IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. I know it is in my house somewhere, but I cannot for the life of me figure out where it can be. ESPECIALLY since I brought in with all the other library books and have those in a neat stack. Where did it disappear to? How? My mistake was not immediately returning it to the library when I found it and instead thinking I could actually read it. Because it’s not like I would lose it again or anything. UGH. WORST.


Women's March


6. I officially decided yesterday that I’m going to the Women’s March. Not the local one, but the big one in D.C. The past two days subsequently have been a whirlwind of ordering stuff off of Amazon in preparation (God bless Amazon Prime, seriously). Most importantly, I couldn’t find a proper jacket in town (which is dumb because it actually gets cold here–I’m talking below 32˚ each winter), but whatever. I have one now. Also, I wish I had decided in time to buy my metro card in advance. Bah.

Now I just need to figure out what books I’m going to listen to on the loooooooong bus ride there. Cross your fingers/pray/wish/hope/dream that it doesn’t rain that day. Sunshine would also be pretty awesome.

7. All these grown-up books means I’m linking up with The Book Date this week. Happy reading, everyone!

7 thoughts on ““I was a professional amateur DJ.”

  1. Ugh. The lost library book!! When that happens to me it tends to be under something. Or worse when one of my kids puts a library book on the shelf of our own books and then can’t remember which shelf it is!!

    But yay Giant Days is such a fun read.


  2. If it helps, I was quite bored and close to quitting Swing Time about a third of the way through, and when I got to the halfway point, I was engaged enough to keep reading. It still wasn’t my best-ever read — I’ve had to accept that Zadie Smith isn’t the author for me — but the plot got going enough.

    ALSO. The Good Place is a wonderful show that makes me feel calm and happy every week. Really quite an achievement in the current political climate. I love everyone in it.


  3. I love the Good Place! I wasn’t a fan of Water for Elephants at all. That was such a popular book though when it was first published. Safe travels to the Women’s March! I live in the D.C. suburbs so I am planning to go as well, but I’m super impressed by all the people coming from a distance to make it!


    1. So glad you’re going as well. These are the moments when I miss living in the DC area, for sure.

      To be honest, I’m ready for Water for Elephants to be over. It’s dragging just a little bit. I may feel this way because I want them to get to the prologue (and this is why I hate those types of prologues!).


  4. I so hear you on the lost library book! I had one that my son was reading and that had been lost for over a year turn up this summer, mixed in with my daughter’s picture books. Which shelf I would swear I had searched when it first went missing, even though it had no business being in her room.

    Safe travels to you and thank you for going on the march. I can’t even go to the local one because of taking Girl Scouts camping – a worthy cause, but I wish I could be two places at once.


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