Perfectly Reasonable

A couple of weeks ago, I burnt my finger pretty badly while I was cooking. (Full disclosure: I was making a glaze for a rum cake and wanted to taste the glaze, so I put a little on the spoon and then went to dip my finger into what was on the spoon to taste. This works fine for, say, hot dogs and beans. It does not work for melted butter, which is, of course, oil. The pain was instantaneous and brutal. I also got to keep saying over and over to medical professionals that I stuck my finger in hot butter when they asked what happened. But I digress.)

So anyway, my finger is finally starting to heal and I may even have a fingerprint again some day soon.

When I was cooking dinner last night, I went to pour out the boiling water from the pasta. In doing so, I managed to splash some of the boiling water on my chest. (Full disclosure: the water wasn’t draining fast enough so I thought turning on the garbage disposal might help. [Don’t ask me why I do these things.] Anyway, the water from the sink is what actually splashed up on me, so I guess I learned a very valuable lesson. But, again, I digress.)

As I finished making dinner with a bag of frozen string beans sitting on my chest, I made the very reasonable declaration that I was never cooking again.


13 thoughts on “Perfectly Reasonable

    1. The cake was delicious even though I did have to remake that batch of glaze. But, no, it wasn’t delicious enough to compensate for the pain, alas.


  1. I understand why you won’t be cooking in the future and applaud your resolution to make it so. However, I’d also like to place a bet on when you’ll break your resolution… cause you & I both know you’re gonna.


  2. I wish! Cooking is the bane of my existence. Not that I ever injure myself too badly, but mainly because it takes so much time and then leaves my greatest foe behind … DIRTY dishes! Ack. Looking forward to hear your cooking-free-life solutions!


  3. Very funny & perfectly reasonable. I hope you have some of those terrific places who deliver a meal each day! I am not rich, but always thought it would be lovely to have my own chef. I’m glad the burns are healable!


  4. Great decision. DOWN WITH COOKING. If I could go the whole rest of my life without cooking anything ever again, that’d be great. Maybe now and then I’d make guacamole and omelets as a special treat, as those are the two things I am effortlessly great at making due to, I assume, sorcery. But NOTHING ELSE.


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