Friday Night Fun Times

It’s Friday night, and I spent most of it grading as I usually do.

me every Friday,  basically (source)
me every Friday, basically (source)

Because of course I didn’t manage to grade more than a paper or two during the week.

Me all week, basically (via Pinterest)
me all week, basically (via Pinterest)

The good news is that I figured out why I was having such a hard time getting started. I mean, sure, a huge part of it is that I just did not want to do it, and it’s more fun to bitch about grading than actually grade.

via Pinterest
me all the time, basically (via Pinterest)

But it turns out I was also just exhausted. I took a two-hour nap today, and when I woke up, I was actually willing (and able) to tackle the stack.

My friend Holly suggested I do a marathon grading session, so I can be finished tonight and enjoy spring break (which I am officially on, yay). And I tried, I really did. But, you know.


I mean, maybe some people can finish more than one class, but I can’t. Especially when the papers aren’t very good.

But! The good news is that I did manage to get one class finished, and now I only have one class to go. The other good news is that the class I have left is relatively small, so I should be able to knock those papers out, say, Sunday. And then. THEN! I can enjoy the rest of my spring break with zero grading.

And then it’ll be back to reality.

There's a million things I haven't done. (source)
There’s a million things I haven’t done. (source)



12 thoughts on “Friday Night Fun Times

  1. I play those same games when grading the colossal stack of papers! I will sometimes have to set up a reward system – grade 5 papers and then you can go grab a Justin’s Peanut Butter cup. It’s rough in the trenches!


  2. Your post made me laugh out loud several times. (I especially liked the grading/whining pie chart!) I admire your Friday night efforts and am jealous of your diminished pile of papers! I just finished our winter break and due to a number of unforeseen events, managed to get very little done. I’m now in the freaking out and complaining mode, hoping to move into the realm of productive sometime soon. Enjoy your break!!!!


  3. At least you got to make some memes …
    Good luck with the piles! I am spending my weekend working on report cards, so I hear ya … maybe I need a meme about that …


  4. This made me laugh because I collected 60 information books on Thursday and 60 writer’s notebooks on Friday. I have 60 book assessments coming in on Monday. Looks like I didn’t plan well, doesn’t it!


  5. I like your snippets of writing with images and captions. Grading takes over our leisure times sometimes. Well done for getting some of them out of the way.


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