Justice League Drinking Game & The Great British Baking Show

Today has been pretty chill. My daughter wasn’t feeling well last night, so we both took it easy this afternoon and this morning.

That is, at least, until TV started stressing us out.

It started with Justice League, which my daughter is rewatching on Netflix. She likes the show (we both do), but she thinks Superman is the worst. She contends that he is the most useless member of the team and incompetent to boot. (This is her opinion. Don’t @ me.)


She has actually created a drinking game for the show, and one of the rules is to take a sip every time Superman falls out of the sky or gets knocked out.

Other rules include taking a sip every time:

  • Flash trips
  • Wonder Woman says “Hera, help me”
  • J’onn J’onzz gets a headache
  • Hawkgirl hits first and asks questions later
  • Batman saves the day
  • Green Lantern saves the day
  • Batman is blatantly anti-social

This is an excellent way for her to actually drink some water, which is why she came up with it. I think she gets in 8 ounces just on Superman alone.

Anyway, she started yelling at Superman for being useless and getting frustrated that, once again, he just slowed everybody else down. “Why is he even there?” she kept asking.

Then, we watched the nun challenge on The Great British Baking Show. (Don’t worry. There are no spoilers in this post.)

Here’s a picture of one contestant’s final product:


See how it’s falling over to the side? See how it’s collapsing? NOW IMAGINE ALMOST ALL OF THEM DOING THAT. It was awful. And as we see the towers folding in on themselves, Mel voices over that they have to sit for TWO HOURS before being judged.


We were hollering. It was too much.



12 thoughts on “Justice League Drinking Game & The Great British Baking Show

  1. I just got a tip to start watching the great British Baking Show. After reading this, I will certainly do that. I think that I will pass on Justice League, though. (Although, I think the drinking game is genius!)


  2. Hahaha, oh my God, that baking challenge sounds so stressful. I also should start watching The Justice League! I’ve been wanting to get into the DC universe but I keep feeling like I don’t know enough to even know where to begin. Animated TV shows are always an A+ on-ramp.


  3. Ummm, your daughter is, by far, the coolest kid ever!! I love her adult opinions on Batman and her list for her ‘water’ drinking game! I had so much fun reading this Slice. It was hilarious, I love what the pictures added to it, and it was so well written. Thanks for sharing!!


    1. Yeah, her daughter sounds pretty awesome. This blogger’s best posts tend to be when she talks about her family! 😀


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