Actually tired #sol17

Ack! Only four days left, and I’m starting to run out of steam!

Okay, I’m not really running out of steam. I’m just tired. I went to water aerobics today, which wiped me out more than usual. I take a nap every day (EVERY DAY) without fail, and I took one today at 7 and I am just spent. I’m tired.

SO TIRED. source

I would go to bed, but I made some lasagna rolls and I have to wait for them to cool off enough so I can put them in the fridge. Yes, it’s almost 11. This is just how I have to roll some days.

Tomorrow is a big day because I’m having the fiction reading for my creative writing students. I think I may just be too excited about that to think about anything else, tbh. Oh great, and I just remembered something I forgot to prep for my classes after the reading tomorrow. Oh well. Added to the to-do list so I can get on that.

Slice of Life is a writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.
Slice of Life is a writing challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.



6 thoughts on “Actually tired #sol17

  1. Posting every day takes effort, more than many people, even bloggers, understand. I used to write a daily blog, but wised up, or wore out, along the way. You’re almost to the end of the month. Hang in there!


  2. Is it partly that thing my professor friends like to talk about? That thing where you get to set your own hours outside of classes and work any 80 hours a week you choose?


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