O is for Other TV Options #AtoZChallenge

My daughter has been watching Criminal Minds pretty much every day (it’s streaming on Netflix), which is fine if you want to hate humanity. (If you don’t know, Criminal Minds is about a branch of the FBI that profiles and catches serial killers.) Or if you, like my daughter, are into forensic science and psychology. It’s depressing as all get out, though.

On the plus side, there is Shemar Moore, and he’s fun to look at, so.

So I was beyond pleased yesterday when she decided to watch the pilot of Grey’s Anatomy. First of all, I used to watch that show pretty religiously so it was nice to revisit the characters. Second of all, it was nice to watch something fun and about people trying to save lives in a well-lit, happy environment.

Plus, Bailey still owns my whole heart.

“Don’t bother sucking up. I already hate you. That’s not going to change.” BAILEY. 😍

Blogging from A to Z is a challenge that runs through the month of April.

For the Blogging from A to Z Challenge this year, my theme is gratitude. Every day, I am going to post about something I am grateful for. Tune in tomorrow to see what I pick for P.

9 thoughts on “O is for Other TV Options #AtoZChallenge

  1. I’ve not seen Criminal Minds, but have watched Grey’s Anatomy off and on over the years. I wonder if I’ve ever seen the first episode… time to check it out to see if I have!


  2. Awww, it’s lovely going back to the beginning of shows you love. Is your daughter hooked now? I am currently watching back through Wonderfalls, which I adore and which I haven’t watched in ages and ages. It’s lovely (though with some problems).


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