I love English majors!

Yesterday, my job hosted an English majors open house, and it was so delightful and just filled my heart with joy.

English majors

There is nothing like being around students who love books and reading and writing and want to know more about it.

I mean. It just makes my heart happy.

My favorite is that they almost all said, after seeing the table full of books, “Free books? Sweet.”

MY HEART. I cannot deal.

Anyway, it was pretty great talking books and writing with young people. And it also reminded me how much I loved teaching creative writing and literature appreciation, and I cannot wait until I get one of those rotations because, seriously, it is a balm in the desert of my soul to have classes with students who are enthusiastic about reading and/or writing.

(My favorite part of teaching creative writing was always the group book recommendation sessions. Ahhhhhhh.)

That is all.