2017 Christmas Wish List

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these on my blog (since my LiveJournal days, perhaps?) but they’re always a lot of fun. I didn’t go shopping or buy anything today minus two small care package items for my daughter, so consider this my contribution to the rampant consumerism of Black Friday.

All pictures are from the items’ respective sites.

1. Harry Potter Enchanted Sky full/queen duvet cover and two matching shams (PBTeen)


2. A bike carrier rack so I can carry all of my groceries home at once.

bike carrier rack

I would also need some of those utility ropes to keep my stuff in place.

3. Psych the complete series. It’s available on Amazon and I’m sure on eBay as well.


4. Tickets to see Hamilton here in LA before I leave town on Dec. 17. (I still haven’t won the lottery 😭😭😭.)

5. Polly on DVD. Someone posted the entire movie on YouTube (God bless the internet), but I still want to own it.


6. 1Password. I currently use the free version of a different password manager, but I am not completely satisfied with it. More than one person I trust use 1Password, so when I upgrade, I want to upgrade to that.

7. An upgrade of my WordPress plan. I currently use the free version, but I am not against using the personal or even perhaps the premium version.

8. Tetris for my Nintendo DS


9. I no longer have a recliner sofa, so I definitely need an ottoman.

storage ottoman

10. I also need a rollaway bed for when I have guests as well as a cover for it and sheets.

11. I left my lap desk when I moved, so I am in desperate need of a new one.

lap desk

12. I also need a new desk.

writing desk

13. Last but not least, I could use a caftan dress (or three) from this Etsy shop. They’re all so pretty so it’d be hard to go wrong. I do like these three in particular, though: one | two | three. (I’m 5’6″ and want knee-length).




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