It’s finals week!

The end is near, y’all.

homer almost there

I haven’t finished any books this week, so here is a general update:

1. I had my first houseguest(s) on Sunday! I volunteered to host my writing group, so host I did. Only one of the women was able to come because the other was sick. However, I still had two guests because the woman who did come had her mom meet her at my place.

So now, my house* is officially clean.

*Except for my bedroom

2. My friend Kathy sent me the lap desk from my Christmas wish list! I used it to write a final. It is perfect and amazing.

3. I have been here three and a half months and have officially reached my breaking point: I’m getting a car. There was no one thing that led me to this decision, rather a confluence of everything. It’s really inconvenient not having a car, basically.

Thankfully, my credit union has a car buying service, so I am going to use that to purchase. I already have my eye on two cars. I just need to get insurance quotes and then figure out exactly how the service works. I mean, I kind of know. I just like to ask a lot of questions.

4. I did write a few posts last week, so here those are in case you missed them:

I have officially given into hashtag life, I guess.

5. I am still making my way through The Afterlife of Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand.

The Afterlife of  Holly Chase by Cynthia Hand

It keeps almost losing me and then doing just enough to keep me reading. I’m about halfway through, so I guess Holly and I are in it until the end.

I have kind of given up on my audiobook for now but will probably revisit it in print form over the break.

6. It’s still A Month of Faves! Today’s topic is blogger love: Recommend some bloggers for us to check out and tell us what you like about each blog, e.g. bookish, food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, money, mom blogs, productivity etc.

Month of Faves

As usual when this topic comes up, I will give a shout-out to the blog(s) I most recently started following. In this case, there are two–both by the same woman: New, Fractured Light and The Zennish Panda. Deepika is a beautiful writer.

Oh and since tinyletters are just blogs on a different blogging platform (“They’re not blogs; they’re letters”–sure, whatever 🙄), here are two fun ones I actually get in my inbox: Lipstick and Other Stories and Cheaper Than Therapy.

7. I’m so excited because I get to sleep in a little tomorrow. Did I mention it’s the last week of school? Finals mean I don’t have to be to work until 8 this week instead of 7 on MW or 7:30 on Tues. EXCITEMENT.

8. Oh, and for the people who care about this sort of thing: I have decided to teach Station Eleven in my comp class and A Wrinkle in Time in my developmental writing class. Spring semester is going to be lit 🔥 (Because it’s lit[erature]. Get it???)


Have a great week, everyone!


5 thoughts on “It’s finals week!

  1. Oh my God! I did not see that coming. I was reading your notes on the cars and gathering my thoughts to wish you good luck, and I see your love-note for me. Thank you VERY much for being kind. This means a lot. ❤

    And I hope a great car would reach you. ❤


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