Do unto others as has been done unto you #SOL18

I spent half of today at work (alone in my office, grading) and the other half sleep, so there’s not a whole lot to report. I feel a little out of it to be honest.

However, I have been thinking about paying it forward as a concept since that’s something I’m currently doing. I have been blessed (#blessed, even) in that during this past year, people I love and care about have really helped me out when I needed it. I asked for help with moving expenses (unexpected cross country moves are expensive) and then for travel expenses for my aunt’s funeral. And every single time, so many people chipped in.

Since it would be impossible for me to pay them all back, I have decided to instead pay it forward. When I see that someone else is asking for help, if I’m able, I give something. This includes my friend’s Facebook fundraisers or their own unexpected expenses for health care. Or even if they post a link on behalf of a friend or family member. I really think it’s the least I can do to repay all the kindness that I have received.

Slice of Life Challenge
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