Why, no, I’m not having class in here #SOL18

So, one of my classes meets right next to the machine shop. Throughout the entire class, there’s a lot of banging and clanging. Oh, and we can frequently hear the machine shop teacher yelling. When my students asked why she was so loud, I explained that part of it is they’re all wearing earplugs. So, we’re used to a certain level of noise and interruption because of it is what I’m saying.

But today. Oh, today.

First, as I was walking around checking my students’ work, I noticed a pair of huge black tennis shoes sitting on one of the tables (desks? whatever they are, they seat two students). Just right there on the table.

what are those

Me: Are those yours?

Both of my students shook their heads emphatically. Turns out the shoes were there when they got to the room. Just right there on the table. And my students sat there anyway (which is a discussion for another day).

So because the shoes were distracting me, I moved them.

Then, the shop teacher comes in (during class mind you). She apologizes and says she thinks she forgot something in the room. Which, okay. This happens to the best of us. Since there were some prints left on the table that I moved when I came in, I ask if that’s what she’s looking for.

“Oh no,” she says sheepishly. “It’s a can of chewing tobacco.”


A few minutes later, a student comes in from the shop.

“I think I left my shoes in here,” he says.

My students reminded me I had given the shoes to the teacher when she came in looking for the chewing tobacco.

And, yes, this is also during class.

Lest you think the adventure ended there, ANOTHER shop student came in, this time looking for his hoodie.

really now

I considered locking the door, but I knew they would just knock, and I couldn’t decide if that would be more distracting or less.

Slice of Life Challenge
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8 thoughts on “Why, no, I’m not having class in here #SOL18

  1. One year, my school installed a weight room during the year. It was in the class next door to mine. They overhauled a storage room (the ultimate quiet neighbor) and in October, the weight training commenced!

    Did you know it’s impossible to lift weights unless you have EXTREMELY loud music playing on a speaker mounted on a paper-thin wall?

    Apparently so…

    Interestingly enough, we had a slight earthquake that year. The first detectable one to hit where I live in a long, long time. After weights, I was constantly questioning whether another was in progress. More than once I stopped talking and stood and touched a desk, trying to determine whether it was still shaking.

    I feel you!

    My principal did graciously let me change rooms at semester. I got building access and had to give up break time, but it was worth it.


  2. This is so funny! It would have made me crazy as the person trying to teach, but it makes for a very entertaining slice. I need QUIET when I’m trying to teach/talk/think/learn/listen, so I can’t imagine trying to teach next to the shop!


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