California Acceleration Project, Day 1 #SOL18

So I’m sitting in this training today, and it is interesting and important but also kind of boring because I hate meetings where we sit and listen to lectures, so I need to have something else to do (this is where my best friend says, “mmhmm and you DON’T have ADHD?”). Hence, I will make a list of random things that occur to me during this session. It’s all day. (Did I mention it’s all day?)


For background, the law in California is changing for student completion of transfer-level (aka 101) English, so the conference is all about acceleration to get students who would typically place below transfer to complete transfer-level courses within in one academic year.


1. We just found out that the community college in Baltimore County caps their comp classes at 20, and we all just died a little bit inside.


2. Also, shout-out to my alma mater, University of Maryland Baltimore County.


3. I was wide awake when I came in this room, btw. Now I just want a nap.


4. My coworker who definitely has ADHD is doing a better job paying attention and taking notes than I am. (I know because I am looking at his notes.)
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