California Acceleration Project, Day 3 #SOL18

So the key takeaway from the conference was this:

hard things are hard

I suggested we just put those words up on a PowerPoint slide when we talk to the department about the changes ahead.

Hard things are hard.

Just those words and nothing else. Do you think it would work? I don’t know.

Here’s even more context for the image and what it means with extra Pete Souza shade.

I went to two very good sessions today. The first one was on using themes in courses. Which, you know, we all know how to do. But! The course outline was baller (although I guess in today’s slang that would be “lit” instead, but whatever. I’m an old. I say what I want), and I am 99% convinced I should just steal it wholesale and use it as is.

More importantly, though, I got some ideas for how to do a couple of things I have coming up later in this semester, so that was good. Also, I totally texted my colleague and told her we definitely need to plan a themed course together. I WAS INSPIRED. Those are the best sessions.

The second one was about using group work in co-requisite classes, and the presenter was super funny and droll. And she gave the best, most comprehensive handout. As one woman said, “Now I don’t have to lesson plan for Monday.” BEST. So I was also inspired after that one.

She said most of her ideas were inspired by Cult of Pedagogy’s Big List of Class Discussion Strategies.

Then, it was time to go home and I am so, so glad to be home.

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3 thoughts on “California Acceleration Project, Day 3 #SOL18

  1. Love that list of discussion strategies! I’d seen that before but hadn’t bookmarked it, and now I have–and will probably use something from it tomorrow. I’ve been on spring break since March 1 and seriously think I may have forgotten how to teach! No CLUE what I’m doing in my classes tomorrow. Enter discussion strategies!


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