Water aerobics got me out here jammin’ #SOL18

In my last post, I said I didn’t know why I was in a meh mood, but that wasn’t entirely true. It was mostly because my daughter called me earlier that day and said she wasn’t coming to visit during spring break, and I was disappointed. And it definitely wasn’t Daylight Saving Time. I love DST! THIS IS MY TIME.

Anyway, I’m obviously in a better mood today.

I finally went back to the gym after missing for travel and being sick, and I just want to say how much I enjoy the Tuesday night water aerobics class. First of all, it has music. Second of all, the instructor matches the music to the exercise. Third of all, all of the music is fun, so it’s just a magical time all around.

water aerobics
I look nothing like this while doing water aerobics (source)

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