Adventures in Grocery Shopping #SOL18

Okay, in an effort to get back on my slice of life blogging schedule (and to procrastinate from grading), I am going to talk about my grocery shopping trip on Monday.

Regular readers will know that I’m on an elimination diet to figure out the cause of my stomach issues. Part of my overall crabbiness and meh days has also been linked to my diet–mostly because I have had to pretty much overhaul the entire thing, and every single food I usually eat (including most fruits and vegetables) is on the no-no list. So it has been a big adjustment.

Right, so, the other day I almost had a meltdown because I wanted toast and the grocery store I usually go to never has the bread on my yes list in stock. On Monday, I decided to be proactive instead of reactive and to look up the bread online because I know that most of those specialty foods/products have a “where to buy” link on their website. My hunch was right, so I discovered that the bigger Target had the bread in stock. So off to Target I went.

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