Horf, or how to maturely handle eating a food item you hate #SOL18

We were provided with a box lunch today at work. When I bit into my turkey sandwich (bread removed, of course), I stood up and frantically kind of walked in circles before spitting the bite out into the box.


There was MAYONNAISE ON MY SANDWICH. I horfed. And then felt bad for not spitting into a napkin, but I couldn’t find one and I needed that nastiness out of my mouth right away.


I really tried to be an adult about it is what I’m saying.

My coworkers then checked their sandwiches and noted that theirs were devoid of mayo. So it seems that I somehow got the ONLY box lunch where somebody put mayo on what was supposed to be a PLAIN SANDWICH.

It was awful.

Awful, awful, awful.

On the plus side, I had a back up lunch/snack because of my elimination diet. So I didn’t go hungry. But, man alive, that was a terrible few seconds.

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7 thoughts on “Horf, or how to maturely handle eating a food item you hate #SOL18

  1. That would be me when presented with anything with banana in it. I try to smell cake and muffins without letting others seeing me. It’s a little delicate at times


  2. I am sorry you had this experience. Like it isn’t bad enough that you can’t eat everything, to have something you find nasty added to it is cruel twist of fate. I was glad to read there was a plus side to the story.


  3. I hate condiments! Mayo and ketchup make me gag. Usually, they give a packet and don;t put it on the sandwich.I wouldn’t have eaten it either. Whenever lunch is provided at school, I usually bring a backup lunch just in case.


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