Adventures in Moviegoing: A Wrinkle in Time #SOL18

I just got back from seeing A Wrinkle in Time, which I enjoyed very much. Or as Mrs. Who would say:

Daaaaaang. — Tyler, American

Before I get into my mini-review and to keep this slice of life-y, I had an adventure at the kiosk when I got to the movies. First, the one machine’s touchscreen was all wonky and I could tap some things but not others. Then, the next two machines were out of printer paper. Plus, when I swiped my MoviePass, it didn’t work. After I had finally given up and gotten into the regular line, I remembered that I hadn’t checked into the theater, and that’s why my pass wasn’t working. So I checked in, went to a working kiosk, and finally got my tickets and right on time for the show.

(I normally would go through the regular line because I do not believe in self check-outs. However, since I hadn’t been to that theater with my MoviePass before, I wanted to swipe it on my own first to see what would happen. This is just who I am.)

A Wrinkle in Time

Quick hits of what I liked:

– It was visually stunning.

– The chemistry between Calvin and Meg was A+++.

– Props to Madeleine L’Engle and Ava DuVernay for giving us a white adult male as the damsel in distress.

– Girls/women who love science and math. (“It’s simple physics,” says Meg. “IS IT???” Calvin and I say in response.)

– I thought it was modernized well, though they kept some of Calvin’s hokey dialogue. I mean, I want to believe a 14-year-old boy would tell a girl she doesn’t know how incredible she is, but I feel like he may not use those words.

– The kid who played Charles Wallace was pretty great.

– Meg was perfect. And I may or may not have gotten a touch teary/choked up during the whole Happy Medium sequence from when they landed on the planet and the conversation with Mrs. Which to, you know, when they left. (I am a little bummed that they made the Medium a man, though.) But, oh man, my heart clenched for Meg just the whole way through. And for Calvin!

There were only two things I really didn’t care for:

1. Chris Pine’s beard. I felt like younger him probably wouldn’t have had it in quite the same way. Also, it was hideous. And his hair! I mean, he’s cute. Just let the man be cute.

2. The ending showdown was a little confusing but only because I found myself wondering where certain characters were relative to the scene.

It’s a story for our time and all that. So, I recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. It’s nice seeing the visuals on the big screen, for sure.

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11 thoughts on “Adventures in Moviegoing: A Wrinkle in Time #SOL18

  1. This movie is on my list to see. Thanks for sharing your + and – . Your slice about the kiosk is fascinating. I haven’t been to the movies in a while and am used to talking to a person and getting a ticket. It is clear that this technology that is to make things faster and easier, hasn’t been perfected. Your frustration comes through in your writing.


  2. I had to find out what you thought of the movie itself (You’ve convinced me to go see it as soon as I can!), but I really loved your description of dealing with the automated ticket machine. I’m also a fan of keeping more face-to-face interactions, so reading this was entertaining. It reminds me of fighting with the fancy copier at work. LOL


  3. Thank you for the review! I am a fan of the book, which made me hesitate about the movie…but modern CGI being what it is, I was thinking it could be fabulous as well. Another to-do for next weekend, then!


  4. So interesting.
    This is NOT a book that I have ever read. Have not YET decided to read it. I’m not at all a fantasy reader. It’s on my list but nowhere near the top. 😦


  5. My daughters and I saw the movie on Saturday. We were literally finishing the last chapter in the car on the ride to the theater because I insisted that we finish the book before seeing the movie. We enjoyed it but all noted that it seemed so short because the book seemed so long! Overall it was stunning! Great female empowerment story!


  6. I liked your description of your experience with the self-check tickets (I NEVER can get those right!) and the description of the movie. All the publicity makes me want to re-read the book.


  7. I’m glad to hear you liked it! My friends over the weekend (who also hadn’t seen it) were all very concerned that this adaptation took away the mother being a scientist, which was an important part of the book. Can you comment? This was my All-Time Favorite Book at age 10, so it’s very important. 🙂 Also, my movie budget is limited and we haven’t seen Black Panther yet, either.


    1. Oh, she’s definitely still a scientist in the movie, and they make a very strong point of it. The movie also hints that she is smarter than her husband 😀

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