Donuts #SOL18

Y’all, I promise all my posts won’t be about food. But.

So, today, I went down the hall to ask my coworker a question. I knocked on her door, and, as soon as she opened it, she said, “I want a donut.”

Now, this is a fair greeting. I often want donuts. Unfortunately for both of us, I could be of no help to her in her quest since I (a) had none and (b) knew not where she could find any.

Then, a little later, I heard her yell, “WHO IS GOING TO GIVE ME A DONUT?”

I responded by laughing loudly (as one does), and she asked if I was laughing at her because for some reason, she thought I couldn’t hear her. I guess in her mind she wasn’t yelling but just asking her across the hall neighbor that very important question.

So I got home and took my hours-long nap (much longer than I planned–as usual) and had a dream about gluten-free donuts. In the dream, I was explaining to the person at the donut shop that I was gluten-free for medical reasons, and that hopefully (PRAYERFULLY) when it was all over, I would be back on wheat flour, but in the meantime, it would be super great if they had gluten-free donuts. And they did!

And then I woke up. Obviously, you know how I felt.


I blamed the dream on KK for yesterday’s gluten-free pizza. And, of course, my coworker who was yelling about donuts.

Then I went to grade, and the Starbucks is right next to the donut shop (where I can also grade, but that doesn’t have a bathroom so I rarely bother).

Alas, they do not have gluten-free donuts (which I didn’t think they did). But yes, I did check. KK did send me a link for a local place that might have them. Maybe this weekend? We shall see.

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7 thoughts on “Donuts #SOL18

  1. Hehehe. Starbucks does have rice krispie squares, which in my opinion is even better than a donut, and should be wheat-therefore-gluten-free. I have to watch my wheat intake, and I feel your pain! Also your joy at gluten free pizza! (Costco in Canada sells an amazing thin crust gluten free pizza).


  2. There is a gluten-free bakery in Brunswick, Maine. That does not help you…I know. I have found good, cinnamon & sugar donuts that are gluten-free in the freezer section of my grocery store. I think the brand is Katz. Good luck!


  3. I, too, am gluten-free so it’s hard to get those donut cravings met. There’s one local bakery/coffee house in Camp Hill, PA that bakes GF donuts, but their flavors are often outrageous. I went through a period (last spring) where I’d call daily until I found out that they have a flavor I liked. (And then I beelined over there to buy and eat one. YUM!)


  4. Your writing style is engaging and funny, and although I am sorry about your failed quest for the right donut, I enjoyed reading your post!Sometimes those thoughts can be quite persistent. Now I want a donut, too.


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