Catching Up on Lesson Planning #SOL18

I made a rule for myself not to grade on the weekend, but every once in a while, I get to a point where I decide to anyway. That’s what happened today. I had about five papers left to grade last night, so I decided to just get the rest of them done today.

Of course, about nine of my students didn’t turn in hard copies of their papers, so that’s a grading story for a different time. Sigh.

I also have been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately so decided to take it easy today by…doing work. Yeah, I don’t know. What I really want/need to do is clean my apartment, and I know I won’t do that unless I have to and, well, tomorrow I have to because I’m having company. (Sidenote: Am I the only person who invites people over to make myself clean?) But I also know that because I’m having company tomorrow, I probably will get a much later start than I like on prepping for Monday, so I decided to do it (almost) all today.

I’m assigning a group project this week and wanted to get a head start on planning it (yes, this is a head start for me), so I sat down and drew up the group contracts and set up the group activities (using this series as a guide). In an effort to get students who have similar work styles together instead of just randomly assigning groups, I had my students fill out a questionnaire a week or so ago (questions adapted from here). I set the groups up on Monday, thankfully, so that part was done. I needed to decide on a group task for them. Since we’re reading Station Eleven, I’m asking them to decide as a group which three celebrities they would want to help rebuild their society after the pandemic.

Now I just need to get the assignment sheet written up by Wednesday. Oh, and I realized that I need to type up the detailed syllabus for the upcoming unit in my Tues./Thurs. classes. By Tuesday. Of course. Sigh. Even when I’m ahead, I’m behind.

Ugh, I’m stressing myself out again. Anyway, for now, I go to bed. Tomorrow, I clean. And do more work. Is it spring break yet?

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4 thoughts on “Catching Up on Lesson Planning #SOL18

  1. You know, I’ve had the same problem with students not turning in hard copies. So, then I have to go to my computer, download or edit there online. It’s much easier when they hand you a hard copy.


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