5 Random Things

1. I haven’t felt like posting the past few days because I don’t feel well. All this time, lactose was destroying me from the inside out and I didn’t even know. Sigh. One thing that has cheered me up is reading Buzzfeed (curated) articles about lactose intolerance like this and this. I have also Googled lactose intolerance memes, which are hilarious.

lactose intolerant

2. I am trying to prep for spring break by doing everything I can by the end of the day tomorrow, so I can officially be on break and not have to do anything except very mild prep on the Sunday before. As you can probably guess, I am slightly behind on that plan.

3. My mom is coming tonight. Maybe I can find somewhere for us to go while I work that’s kind of nice/interesting so she’s not stuck in the house while I try to get it together.

4. I’m currently chatting with my friend and, in the course of our conversation, I have planned my fall comp class AND had a delightful discussion about Jane the Virgin. These are the best kinds of conversations. (Also, if you’re not watching Jane, you should be. I know because my OTHER friend burned through all the seasons in Netflix in the past four or so months and was devastated she couldn’t catch up on the current season.)

5. I was going for five things, but now I can’t think of one. So. There is no five.

Oh wait! Yes there is: I need to clean off the couch.

Okay, the end.

7 thoughts on “5 Random Things

  1. Oh dear, too bad about dairy! Luckily there are so many good tasting non-dairy options out there these days, she types while sipping a vanilla soy milk latte….Shhhh, don’t tell anyone because I work in the dairy industry! Other than my choice for lattes (soy milk makes wonderful lattes), I consume probably my and your share together of dairy products so I don’t feel too guilty. Hehehe…Deb


    1. Ha! I generally use soy or almond milk for most things. It’s the ice cream and sour cream and cheeses I’m going to miss the most. Good thing there are so many varieties of cheese WITHOUT lactose out there.

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  2. Lactose is sneaky. I’m sorry that you and it have your issues. I started to watch Jane the Virgin but the voiceover got to me. I know you love it, and the characters were a hoot, but. that. voice…


  3. I’m so sorry you’re suffering from the lactose! But at least you can do the nut milks – my brother was desperately allergic to all dairy and legumes and so couldn’t do most of the dairy substitutes.


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