A confession

Okay, so I have been living alone for about eight months, and I have discovered there’s a thing I do when I am alone that I would not do if other people were around. I kept noticing myself doing this thing and being horrified, but I still do it anyway. And to be clear, this is a thing that I hate when other people do and that I would never allow my daughter to do.

As I mentioned, my mom is visiting me for the next two weeks. Earlier today, I told her about this abhorrent behavior, and she laughed at me. She laughed! “Living alone means you can get away with anything,” she said.

And as proof that this is only a thing I do when I’m alone, I found myself about to do it but since my mom is here, I didn’t. So I just don’t even know.

So yes, I confess: I keep kicking the crisper door in the refrigerator closed with my foot like some kind of animal.

I hate when people do this! And yet. I live alone and devolve into…I don’t even know what to call this debauchery.

So now I just have to make myself stop. Maybe having my mom here will get me back on the right track.

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