Conversations with My Daughter

So, my daughter is here for her summer break, which is yay. As previously mentioned, I did have to do some things to make my apartment suitable for two instead of one. So one of those things was buying her a bed.

Me: Do you want me to get the bed before you get here or do you want to wait?

Her: You can get it. I trust you. Just remember that I like a soft bed and not those doors you like to sleep on.

So, I get the mattress.  Here’s what happened after her first night here.

Her: Mom, you really tried, and I appreciate it, but that bed is not soft.

Me: Yes it is! As soon as I got on it, I was like “this is way too soft” but then I remembered I was shopping for you and not me. Plus, look, it bounces when you sit on it.

Her: A soft bed doesn’t bounce! You sink into it! This bed is not soft!

Me: Well, I asked you if you wanted to wait until you got here to shop for the bed and you said no.

Here’s what happened yesterday:

Me: Did you sleep okay?

Her: No, not really. I couldn’t get comfortable. I mean, not at least until I got in your bed.

Me: What?

Her: Yeah, once I got in your bed, I fell out. Oh my goodness. I slept so good.




cute shrug

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