Mission Akilah: 20 things to do before I turn 40

mission akilah

Okay, so today is my 39th birthday, which means it’s time for me to finally post my list of things I want to do by the time I turn 40 next year. I didn’t plan it, but I wound up with 20 things, which is half of 40. Cute.

  1. finish reading the entire Bible
  2. go on a Disney Cruise
  3. go see Hamilton ✅
  4. go to Harry Potter world in Orlando
  5. take a knife skills class
  6. ride in a hot air balloon
  7. go to a taping of Price Is Right
  8. take surfing lessons
  9. go to Hawaii
  10. do NaNoWriMo
  11. complete blog series on 40 books that shaped me like Myra did
  12. see Bruno Mars (and any other musical act I’m interested in that tours) in concert
  13. finish a screenplay and submit it ✅
  14. learn Spanish
  15. do a bunch of tourist stuff in LA
  16. publish a book
  17. go on a date
  18. take one of those wine and paint classes ✅
  19. learn to sew on a sewing machine

I wrote the list a couple of months ago, so ✅ means I already did the thing. Oh, and I made a graphic so it’s official.

8 thoughts on “Mission Akilah: 20 things to do before I turn 40

    1. Yes, I remember! Part of the reason mine is half of 40 is that I wanted only things I actually wanted to do on my list, though I did take suggestions. No chores! Just fun!


  1. Welcome to the 40’s!! Great list. This makes me want to start one. Price is right would also be on my list! They gave away free tickets so I took my grandma years a ago who was a big fan of the show but we wen’t picked to go in. They had people walk around and ask questions. They were selective in who they chose to let in so make sure you’re extra giddy and animated 🙂


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