It’s Still Not Over

This was a terrible weekend for me re: food. I almost had a meltdown twice–once on Saturday in the grocery story and then again on Sunday when I was just doing stuff around my house. I think what happened is that I finally realized that my elimination diet was not a temporary thing as I thought it would be and is pretty much it for me from now on. As I have mentioned before, there was only one FODMAP group I tried that had zero negative effect on me, so the rest are pretty much out unless I want to risk having a flare-up. And these are basically all the foods I ate before.

It’s also frustrating because it’s not like it’s a super straightforward restriction. I can’t even go into the store and buy something that’s gluten-free off the shelf because many things made without gluten include apple or pear, which are also off limits (and are worse for me than wheat). So that means, really, that I need to make almost everything I eat at home so I can make sure that it doesn’t upset my stomach. GUESS WHAT I HATE DOING? Cooking. It stresses me out, ugh. I had even tried meal planning earlier in the day and exactly zero of the recipes I looked at appealed to me. And I am not a creative kitchen person who can just make stuff up. Also, all of my go to recipes are full of foods I can’t eat. Then, I started thinking about what I’m going to eat for lunch when school starts back up (I HAVE NO IDEA) and it all just quickly spiraled from there.

So yeah. Not a good weekend.

Anyway, I’m better today and am just taking it one day at a time since that’s all I can do, really.

Also, I finished some books:

Dramacon, Vol. 1Dramacon, Vol. 1 by Svetlana Chmakova

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I read this because I’m familiar with the author’s middle grade novels, and I enjoyed them. This is most decidedly NOT middle grade. The main character is a senior in high school and is involved in some sexy situations and there is some violence ((view spoiler)).

I don’t typically read manga, but I am familiar with the style from watching some anime with my daughter. This well-drawn, and I liked the story. I would be interested in reading the next book in the series. (Will I? Who knows?)

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Captain Marvel, Volume 1: In Pursuit of FlightCaptain Marvel, Volume 1: In Pursuit of Flight by Kelly Sue DeConnick

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This was fine. I mean, I love badass ladies and there are plenty here. The main storyline involves time travel, which isn’t my favorite, but it did have some interesting things to say about choice and, of course, historical sexism.

My biggest issue with this was the art. The beginning was clearly drawn by a man (all the weird close ups of Carol’s butt gave it away) and at the end, I could barely tell Helen and Carol apart.

I did love the dialogue, though, so there’s that.

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If you’re looking for something delightful to watch, may I suggest Making It on NBC/Hulu? It’s like The Great British Baking Show but with crafts.



3 thoughts on “It’s Still Not Over

  1. I don’t have as many problem foods as you Akilah, but I should stay away from wheat (not gluten, something else in wheat) and it can be frustrating. Funny thing is, I can eat wheat products in Europe and the Caribbean and have no issues. It seems to be North America only. What the hell are we doing to our food???


  2. I’m sorry that food is becoming so difficult for you. I have issues with some things, but I can, for the most part, avoid them. Of course, I like to cook at home and rarely eat out, so there’s that. I’m sure you’ll find a solution that works for you. Hang in there.


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