It’s Monday, and I Obviously Haven’t Read Any Books

Because I was on a reading deprivation, remember?

Full disclosure: I was much more lax with the deprivation than last time–by which I mean, I did do some online shopping and I read my emails from Goodreads. But, all in all, it was nice to turn down the noise that social media and the other words I invite in bring for a little while.

1. Now that I’m back to reading again, I have picked up where I left off in my reread of June Dreams (Book #1 in the Summer series–republished as part of Beach Blondes) by Katherine Applegate.

Yes, yes that’s my original copy from 1995.

Y’all, I forgot Seth was described as looking like Stone from General Hospital.

Robin and Stone from GH (source)

So, basically, by the second chapter I remembered why this book spoke to my soul when I was a teenager.

2. School starts tomorrow. I am not prepared. I mean, I am prepared, but I am not FULLY prepared, which is…well, it is what it is. I had dreams of having every single thing uploaded in Canvas and every single assignment sheet written and every single assignment fully planned. As it is, I have the first two weeks for my comp classes loaded into Canvas, and the first two weeks of my children’s lit class are still a work in progress. But! I do have all my quizzes written for the children’s lit class and all my unit syllabi written for comp, so that is MUCH further ahead on things than usual here lately. So I am pretty pleased with myself.

3. I went to see What Men Want, which I enjoyed a lot. And also, can we have a chat about how beautiful Aldis Hodge is? Because I mean. I need him to star in many more things. Preferably as the love interest. That’s all I’m saying.

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