S is for Social Media #AtoZChallenge

Okay, so I already talked about how I have been using Instagram more, which…I’m still bad at posting but very good at lurking. So, you know, it’s fine.

But, you know, Facebook has been awesome for this time. I have at least one friend who had mostly given up the platform come back with a vengeance, and other people are posting more frequently. Twitter still is not quite the platform for me, but again, people are posting a ton and it’s super great. Also, we must not forget blogs, another place to post about what we care about and what’s important to us.

Social media was made for such a time as this. We are able to actually connect with each other and support each other. One friend posted she was lonely, so I texted her to set up a call. Another friend discovered which store had toilet paper and posted it for other local people to see. It’s a great way to see which causes we support to encourage those of us who can to donate to them.

That’s all amazing, right? But you know the real best part about social media?


Oh yes. The memes make it glorious. (In one of the FB groups I’m in someone noted that now they understood why there were so many children’s songs and silly rhymes about the plague: “Humans are incapable of taking anything seriously,” the person said.) I think, though, that we all know that if we didn’t find ways to laugh about this stuff, we would go freaking insane.

I started a post on FB asking people to post their favorite memes about the virus itself or anything related to the quarantine, and I keep updating it whenever I come across one I like. Because the only thing that’s moving as fast as the news are the memes about it all.

Anyway, there are a ton of memes out there, but I’m just going to highlight a few. And I usually don’t do this, but! Feel free to comment with any memes that you have seen and loved.

First, let’s just start here. I swear to you I laugh EVERY SINGLE TIME I watch it. Out loud even. (It’s only 11 seconds!)

And let’s not forget the first of the viral videos:

Also, I am 100% in love with all of the #DontRushChallenge videos! Check out Teen Vogue‘s profile of the creator of the challenge, Toluwalase Asolo.

Here’s the video she and her friends posted that started it all:

And, of course, there are the rest of the memes.

got that drip

alphabet meme


pandora unboxing


breaking news covid

kanye laughing at corona

These are but a handful of the memes that make me laugh every single time I come across them. Honestly, just going back to find them to add to this post lifted my spirits.

Social media! Keeping us connected! Keeping me laughing!


For this year’s A to Z Challenge, I have decided that I’m going to focus on my survival/coping strategies while practicing social distancing. What are the things that make it bearable? What helps alleviate my stress and fear–or at least what distracts me from both? Tune in tomorrow to see what I choose for T!


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