2020 Birthday Wish List

My birthday is in a week and a half so here is some stuff what I want!

ETA: Someone asked how you could know if someone bought me this stuff, and I guess you can’t, but friends, you could also just get me gift cards to the stores and I will buy the thing myself! Every little bit helps!


Okay, I desperately need a new desk to improve my work from home situation. My current desk was fine when I only used it occasionally, but it is too shallow to comfortably get any work done now, especially since my new monitor winds up being too close to my face. I need this monitor to be further back and I need more surface space for putting books and/or papers.

Something like this perhaps? Maybe this one? Or this one? Basically, I like the clean lines and that it looks kind of invisible and the LEVELS. But I am also open to other suggestions! Because your girl also really needs storage that is largely invisible.

2. They opened the pool in my complex, which means I can do water aerobics again. I have a tiny wireless speaker, but the sound doesn’t carry that well, and there’s a big sign that says for us to use headphones when listening to music. I mean, I didn’t when I did my workout yesterday, and I won’t until I get headphones, but you know me. I like to follow the rules. And hear my music. So I want some waterproof wireless Bluetooth headphones (my daughter is getting these for me!).

3. This duvet cover:

duvet cover

Isn’t it gorgeous? My current duvet cover desperately needs to be replaced, and I think that one will do nicely.

4. My friend very nicely told me that most of the stuff I have in my kitchen–like my donut pan–is weird and ultimately useless when I don’t even have a chef’s knife. I disagree since I like baking and hate cooking, but here we are. She finds my current knives disgraceful, basically, and suggested I get this 8-inch knife from Williams Sonoma.

Actual texts she sent me about the knife:

chef knife texts

So there you go.

5. I am currently obsessed with this cardigan (size 1) that keeps showing up in the targeted ads for me, which is annoying because how dare they know me so well??? but is also awesome because, you know, I want it.

6. Things I really want and still haven’t gotten:

  • Psych: Complete Series on DVD
  • Polly (the Disney movie with Phylicia Rashad) on DVD

7. How about a hardcover journal (regular-sized, not skinny) from Design Works Ink?

8. I desperately want a $25+ gift code to The Last Bookstore so I can try one of their curated book bundles.


9. Also, today I learned that my library has been doing curbside pickup and I somehow missed the announcement! (I guess because it’s a different branch than the one I have set as my default???) Anyway, I really miss books, and I have been wanting to buy books so in addition to the book bundle, I would also like books I pick out for myself, obviously, so a gift card to a brick & mortar bookstore would be great!

10. Oh and P.S. I think I may want to get something from Lush maybe. So, yes, also a $40+ gift card there (so the purchase qualifies for free shipping) would also be awesome!


8 thoughts on “2020 Birthday Wish List

  1. Great list! The duvet is gorgeous!!! I literally have three desks/work surfaces in my home office. I can’t stand to sit in the same place all day. Sometimes, I stand up and work. Sometimes, I work in front of the window. In case I miss that post–Happy Birthday!


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