D is for Dress #PandemicAlphabet

In my H is for Hygiene #AtoZChallenge post, I said that I have to shower and/or wash my face every day in order to start my day and focus. The other thing that goes along with that is getting dressed in actual clothes.

At the very beginning of the pandemic, that meant a t-shirt and leggings. Unfortunately, all of my leggings are not of the LuLaRoe, soft waistband sort, so I got tired of that really quickly. There’s also the issue that the Safer at Home order started in mid-March, and it got hot here not long after. Add to that the fact that I usually wear dresses to work every day, and the whole leggings every day thing was not it.

So I bought a bunch of work from home dresses. It’s funny, too, because pre-pandemic, I kept saying that I needed some house dresses for the weekend but all I could picture was the house coats old ladies wear–or caftans, which I am not super comfortable in.

The good news is that I’m comfortable. And that I did not buy a bunch of granny dresses, but instead got a crap ton (perhaps too many crap tons) of mostly cute dresses.

homer dress

(I also wear a bra, btw. I know there’s a huge no bra contingency out there, but that is not my deal. Just like I have to wash my face to be able to concentrate, I have to wear a bra in order to concentrate, but I definitely do not knock people who have been living their best bra-free life.)

On top of cute work from home dresses, I also decided very early on that I would wear what used to be my work clothes when I went out to run my errands. Instead of just throwing on yoga pants and a top, I get dressed as though I’m going somewhere–which during These Times, going to the store is definitely going somewhere since it’s the only place I go (except for doctor’s appointments).

I just feel better about myself when I make that little bit of effort. It also makes going to the store feel less like a chore and more like a fun event, and I need whatever humor and fun I can get these days.

pandemic alphabet


6 thoughts on “D is for Dress #PandemicAlphabet

  1. Let’s hear it for the return of the house dress – a more stylish yet still comfy return!
    Life is much simpler when you can just throw on one piece of clothing and be done. 🙂



  2. I’m a little confused about the order of the letters. Did I miss where E through O are?

    And I need a visual lol all I see are my great-grandmothers in those flowery get ups lol


    1. Hahaha, that was my visual at first. I mostly bought a bunch of these: https://www.lularoe.com/women/carly

      Also, I decided to just do whatever letters popped into my head, hence the skipping around. I’ve found, though, that is actually less conducive to posting, so. We’ll see if that changes since I do have an F and a P and a W planned.

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