#AMonthofFaves Favorite Book Covers of 2020

The link up is back! YAY. There is only one link up for the past two weeks, but I have been blogging for all of them, so here are my other posts, if you missed any.

And now, on to today’s topic

⭐ DEC 14 – Favorite Book Covers OR Favorite Author(s)⁠
(Show some cover love or highlight your favorite authors)⁠

I’m going to stick to my favorite book covers since I highlighted a favorite author last year.

So, anyway, you already know there can only be one fave this year.

You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson

You. Already. Know.

First of all, you know how I love to see a Black girl on a cover. Then there’s the fact that the cover matches the story perfectly–perfectly. Plus look at that smile! The color! This book cover was clearly made with me in mind.

Here are some lovely runners up (so far–you know I’m still reading).

I also enjoyed most of these books, so that’s nice, too.

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