#AMonthofFaves Best Moments of 2021

Hi. It is time.

And just as a heads up, this post is very image heavy. Descriptions are below each picture. Also, these aren’t necessarily in date order because I grouped similar things together.

Tappity tap tap tap

I started taking tap lessons again (outdoors, which moved indoors after vaccinations were a thing). I also signed up to be in the show next spring (2022).

Vaccinated, and it felt so good. It felt especially good because my friend and I wound up having the same appointment date and time so were able to get both of our doses together and do a parking lot meet up and photo shoot after each one. Not pictured: that sweet, sweet booster.

laptop with stickers

I have always wanted stickers on my laptop but also hated the idea of putting stickers on my actual laptop. This year, I figured out that I could buy a (clear) case and put the stickers on that instead.

I got tenure at my job and bought two boss pair of earrings (that say “tenured”) to celebrate.

I moved and had a housewarming/birthday party (amazing spread courtesy of my friend E).

it’s a major award!

I won a major award at work that had a cash prize 🤑.

me at the library, photobomb courtesy of my daughter

The library finally fully reopened 😭.

I took an impromptu trip to Hawaii (Maui) courtesy of my friend E who is a flight attendant and then a promptu trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina courtesy of myself finally booking a Magical Mystery Tour trip. East coast beaches > California beaches, but Hawaiian beaches > all of ’em.

My daughter started her last year of college 🤩👩🏾‍🎓.

I got an annual pass to Disneyland and have gone at least once a month since.

I got my hair done professionally for the first time in years, and she fixed the quarantine haircut I gave myself. Ahem.

My friend came to town on Halloween, and we went to see Get Out performed with a live score.

Inspired by MasterChef, I made duck fat fried chicken, and then for thanksgiving I made a sweet potato time for the first time in years. Both were *chef’s kiss*.

And now it’s December, and I’m participating in A Month of Faves, one of my favorite blogging events.

10 thoughts on “#AMonthofFaves Best Moments of 2021

    1. Thank you! I also realized not that long ago that I could still get a plain shell in a fun color for stickers. And a friend of mine said she was going to get a couple so she could organize her stickers better which never would have occurred to me hahaha.

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS on tenure!!! That’s so exciting! And Hawaii looks amazing! I’d love to live close enough to Disney to go monthly — fun!


  2. What a wonderful year of memories! I am so jealous that you got to go to Hawaii; this east coast girl has always wanted to go there (but I really dread the 11 hour flight to get there). I took tap lessons in high school and LOVED it! I have often thought of finding an adult class and joining again.


    1. It is much easier to visit Hawaii now that I am on the west coast, for sure. If you can take a class, I suggest you try it! I had flirted with it for a while and am so glad I did.


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